Water Meditations No.2 – Etobicoke Creek – February 2016

Revisiting old images is always an interesting experience. After deciding to focus on water meditations theme, the time was to look back through some older film in search for clues, ideas.

In February 2016, I ventured along Etobicoke Creek ravine, starting from the mouth of the creek at Marie Curtis park. Just past the CN rail underpass, I encountered an interesting feature – a concrete barrier intended to regulate the flow of the creek. Nothing particularly spectacular, at first sight, but it did create an interest, held my attention for a few seconds. This was enough for me to decide on setting up a tripod and going in for a few images.

Without too much experience with long exposures on film, I ventured into this scene with a roll of Ilford’s Delta 100 in my Nikon FE mounted on a tripod. I got images and they formed an interesting sketch of a place. Technically imperfect, compositionally problematic and with too many other issues to itemize, these images were a start of something. There is potential in this unassuming part of Etobicoke Creek ravine.

The attraction of flowing water and the way it photographs has a surreal quality to it. Shapes invisible to our eyes form on film with extended exposure. A new landscape emerges, one invisible to the naked eye, a landscape that is truly never there in any one moment.

Flowing, smooth streams, are usually seen as an element to a classic landscape scene. This is probably why they considered a common trope, an image that has been made many times before. But, looking at this a bit differently, a more abstract landscape emerges.

Flowing water forms its own landscape, intimate and surreal, altogether different from expected and typical. This outing in 2016 was a start of a concept, now time to follow it up with more frames.

Meditations No.2

Technical Notes:

  • Film: Ilford Delta Professional 100 (135 Format)
  • Camera: Nikon FE / Nikkor 24mm AF-D
  • Processing: Ilford DD-X 1:4 Dillution
  • Digital post: Epson V600 / Epson Scan / Adobe Lightroom

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