At the End of Stillness

Last days of Winter, the snow is still around, the quiet envelops the ravine and hardly anyone is present. The park road is still closed for traffic, covered in ice and snow, an invitation for some but barrier for most.

In a few week, so we hope, the snow will be gone. The grass will get its start and the ramps will be open, welcoming masses to Sun’s warm glow along the river. But for now though, the stillness prevails, for a few more weeks, maybe a better part of the first Spring month.

Not much longer, you feel it first in the air. It does look wintery and desolate, but at the same time, it feels brighter, ready for the change. At the end of long five months, the time is coming, time for Spring.

At the End of Stillness

Technical Notes:
Medium: Fomapan 100 Film (135 Format)
Gear: Nikon FM / Nikkor 35mm 2.8 AIS lens
Processing: ID-11 1:1 / Epson V600 Direct Negative Scan

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