Humber Bay Sunrise, January 2016

Photographer. Artist? Maker ?! 

I am not comfortable with any of these labels. I don’t feel that these come with restrictions, definitions, rules and regulations.

I enjoy creating images. It’s fun.

Photography gives me ability to look at the world more carefully. Having an opportunity to revisit the moments, take a second, third or fourth look at the moment in time is what helps me revisit, relive, remember.

What I photograph is usually driven by the stream of interest. Most commonly it is a natural scene. Still, I shy away from the label of landscape and nature photographer. 

I enjoy creating images because it is fun.

I use film, because the process is more fun than digital. Also, film photography community is more welcoming and there is less pressure from gear manufacturers. All in all, film photography world seems like a kinder, gentler place.

This website is a way for me to organize some of my work and communicate it out for fun, feedback and general sense of sharing my experiences.

Thank you for stopping by.



Nikon FE - Not the postcard camera

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