Woodbridge @ Transformation

Woodbridge, an old rural community turned suburb is undergoing yet another transformation. Almost overnight, the change is taking place. Until recently, the stretch of Highway 7 between highways 400 and 427 was a picture of the suburban ideal. Here, recent generations of immigrants have fulfilled their Canadian dream. Home ownership, car based independence and a good, comfortable life. It was all possible and achieved here. As things change, Woodbridge is transforming into a next generation urban community. Recreational cycling and walkable neighbourhoods emerge as new trends amidst a rapid construction boom. Once dependably predictable, now on a path to a vibrant and new future. Woodbridge @ Transformation, to borrow from the late great Downie, is a perfect metaphor for this region of Toronto’s new chapter of growth.

Photography by Toni Skokovic

Ilford HP5 Plus and Delta Pro 400 film in Nikon FE Camera (135 format)

ePub: BalopticonNo13-WoodbridgeAtTransformation

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