Winter’s Long Shadow

1/60s - f/8 - ISO 100

Long shadows are first indication that Winter is on its way. We take what we can out of that season, determined to ride it out, hidden from the elements or perhaps embrace the silent beauty of a Winter landscape. As leaves pile on the ground, creating protective cover for next year’s vegetation, long and sharp rays give us our first warning – seasons are going to change.

And there is some optimism to this. Winter mornings are cold and dark, colder and darker than on any other season. Low rising Sun does have long shadows, but also long reach with its warming rays. Long light fingers show us that it is ok, there is energy, there is beauty, there is something to do outside even if it may have looked differently a few minutes prior.

Long shadows co-exist with long light rays. Cold and dark contrasted with warm and light. With dark there is light, cold is followed by warmth. An ongoing interplay illuminates and transforms landscape in new and unique ways. Every day.

Technical Notes:

  • Camera: Nikon D7000
  • Lens: Nikkor 24mm/f2.8D
  • Filters: none
  • Exposure:
    • Shutter: 1/60s
    • Aperture: f/8
    • ISO: 100

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