Winter’s Last Traces

If anything, this Winter of 2019 was a stubborn one. Just like a familiar but awkward guest, refusing to leave for hours with their shoes and coat on, not taking the hint. The hint from a longer daylight, earlier sunrises and merciless march of the calendar. Not this winter, it cannot, will not, take the hint.

Gradually, more and more water on Humber’s surface is visible. The ice is all gone, save for a few snowcaps on boulders in the stream. It is time to warm up, we are ready to trade the uniform white and gray for spring colours, our greens, yellows and reds.

It is time.

It was time a while ago, but the awkward goodbye continues, snow is still on the ground, more rushing water the only hint that perhaps the point of departure for this Winter is near.

Winter's Last Traces

Technical Notes:
Medium: Fomapan 100 film (135 format)
Gear: Nikon F4 / Nikkor 35mm 2.8 AIS lens
Processing: Ilfosol-3 1+9 Dillution

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