Winter… But Before I Go

By the middle of March we’ve had enough of Winter. No matter how charming the snowy landscape may seem, we’re ready for Spring. Longer days bring higher temperature and ice starts its gradual retreat. But, before its exit, Winter puts on one more show – ice jams.

In its lower valley, Humber river’s sweeping turns accumulate large blocks of ice. Daily thaw and nightly freeze change this scene continuously. This landscape is as treacherous as it is mesmerizing. A somewhat false sense of calmness rules this temporary scene just before the first rays of sunshine arrive.

Like so many winter scenes, this is only a temporary calmness. It will be gone in a matter of weeks, leaving behind wreckage. Each Spring starts with clean-up. In the mean-time though, we can enjoy this calm winter scene for one last time this season.

Humber River, March 2019

Medium: Foma Fomapan 100 (35mm film)
Gear: Nikon F4 / Nikkor 24-80mm 2.8-4 AF-D Lens

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