Under the Lambton Bridge

Awhile back, Lambton was a small mill village and place where Dundas Road crossed Humber River. Today, it is a relatively peaceful stretch of the river. Buildings along the river are gone, and busy Dundas Street crosses high above the water over a modern concrete bridge.

Under the busy thoroughfare bridge, the river moves along on its path to the lake. The river, now completely enclosed in parkland on either bank, is hard to reconcile with sites industrial past. As Old Dundas Street trails off into a dead end, the new forest takes over, hiding the river and all its power.

The experienced of a winter morning under the Lambton Bridge is special. Snow is covering most of the water, making it a place to meditate and reflect on the perpetual change along the shores of this river. This is a great place to step into the nature, just around the corner from a busy urban hive.

Under the Lambton Bridge

Medium: Ilford FP4Plus (120 format)
Gear: Mamiya 645 / Mamiya Sekor C 80mm 2.8

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