The Fall Crossing

Having a bit of time to spend on a Sunday morning, decided to go back down to Middle Road Bridge, once arterial connection between Etobicoke and Mississauga, now hidden, quiet, crossing for recreational trails. There is something to be said about these quiet corners of the busy region, home to millions of people and, sometimes it seems, twice the number of vehicles. In the midst of it all, steps away from a shopping mall, train tracks and one of the busiest highway loops, this old bridge sits in improbable quiet, sleepy Etobicoke creek passing below on its way into the lake.

Fall colours not quite at their most spectacular, but rocks, water, concrete of the bridge on the Etobicoke side contrast with the bucolic colour of the trees on Mississauga’s west bank, almost denoting the meeting of industrial Etobicoke, New Toronto, and quiet and peaceful bedroom suburb of Mississauga. From a busy parking lot between a hospital and two office towers, crossing over the on-ramp to QEW, few steps, over the bridge and across the creek right into a sleepy 905 subdivision. A quiet, seamless passage, crossing into the fall of lush colourful suburban oasis.

Or, remove the background and regional symbolism out of it altogether, quiet creek with a bridge “they don’t make” any longer, road that is road no longer and a creek that lies all but forgotten between the suburbs of the 20th and cities of the 21st Century. All it is, perhaps, a place to stop and enjoy the silence, relax and take in the quiet flow of the creek, colourful contrast of the riverbed and the trees and revel in the passing of the Fall. Middle Road, a regional highway that no longer exists, takes us here with it’s bridge, last remaining witness of many Falls behind us that have crossed over just like this one is.

Then, again, Christmas Consumerist Festival (CCF?) is upon us, so time to get back up to Sherway, look over the list, check it twice…

Tech Notes:

  • Camera: Nikon D7000
  • Lens: Sigma 35mm/1.4 Art
  • Filters: Hoya C-POL
  • Focal Length: 35mm
  • Exposure
    • Shutter 1/60
    • Aperture f/8
    • ISO400

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