Superior Iron

With memories and snapshots from the past, one can happen upon interesting discoveries from the past viewed from a new perspective. An old photo taken with an point and shoot film camera is discovered anew.

The photo of an old iron ore loading dock in Ashland, Wisonsin, is taken over 12 years ago. A morning walk and a pure joy of a morning on the shores of Superior, gentle hues of morning sky and soft light only a late Spring Sun can provide. Serenity of a beautiful morning shown with the firm lines of an imposing structure in a soft tones of a long ago exposed consumer grade Kodak film.

Even though the negative is scratched up and somewhat fuzzy, but still a unique tonal range only film can offer. Despite all technical imperfections, the photograph still captivates and transports me back to that beautiful morning on the shores of great water.

Technical Information

  • Camera: Nikon AF Point and Shoot film camera with fixed lens.
  • Film: Kodak Gold 400

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