Road Sketches: Temecula, CA

Mornings on the road are special. Just after or before a sunrise the ability to walk out and explore on foot is often the best way to experience the character of a place.

Temecula, California is a touristy town in the mountains, about an hour drive from San Diego. Walking around the outskirts in the morning offers a different vibe. Quiet, sunny (it is California), morning with stillness and colour possible only in the Southwest.

Flooded roadways, calling back to river fords of the past, signs and suburban buildings, all awash in the warm morning glow, just before the cars come out and the day starts – everything has a poetic, almost a beatnik, tone to it.

Road Sketches: Temecula

Technical Notes:
Film: Kodak Gold 200 (EI200)
Camera: Nikon FM / Nikkor 35mm 2.8AI
Processing: Unicolor C-41 Kit / Epson V600 / Epson Scan 2

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