Red October

2min - f/11 - ISO 100

In late Fall, Sun starts rising and setting into the lake, which lends itself to some spectacular sunrise and sunset photos. Clouds and overcast skies add bright red to this mix and create a very different view, mood and impression.

A moody, cloudy October morning on Sunnyside beach makes this photograph.┬áBreak-wall turning into a different shape and connotation – a dark shape cutting into the red sky reflection on a smoothed out surface. Shape more of a surfacing creature or structure in the face of red dawn – parallel to Red October and the classic thriller from the 1980s was inescapable. Setting movie analogies aside, the strip of a red sky just looked stunning against the dark indigo canvas of the skies and black shadows of breakawall – probably lending itself to dozens of possible interpretations.

To me, however, the red and the blue and the wall just gave a pause and reflection opportunity. I was almost hypnotized with the scene, and decided to better get down and figure out the exposure and capture the frame of this red dawn on the shores of lake Ontario. A view from a Sunnyside beach, a never ending, year round, morning show.

Technical Notes:

  • Camera: Nikon D7000
  • Lens: Nikkon 24mm/2.8 D
  • Filters: Tiffen C-POL, Hoya NDx8
  • Exposure:
    • Shutter: 2min
    • Aperture: f/11
    • ISO: 100

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