Postcards: Eglinton West at Night

Once the day is over and the night falls, office parks reflect a different atmosphere. Hives of activity during weekdays, these places are almost fully abandoned, yet completely illuminated and in perfect condition. An office campus along Eglinton Avenue West is a perfect example. A cold November evening makes an excellent stage for this light show of stillness and solitude.

Transit stations are beacons in this late Fall darkness. These new landmarks connect the surrounding architecture into a more connected space. They are transforming this traditionally car-first space into a more walkable, transit friendly community. This new connectedness is almost as inviting as the night cold is foreboding. Illuminated walkways almost invite exploration.

Empty except for a lone passing car or bus, this space is rich in contrast and accent of floodlights. The lights and a dark November night makes this the ultimate trip into a calm and empty space. This contrasty world has a peaceful tone to it. Night illumination invites attention, a second look at buildings and structures that are easy to disregard during the daylight rush.

A place of rushed activity by day offers a silent contemplation at night. Day for night, pressure and calm. Sometimes, perhaps we need darkness to see the world around us a bit more clearly.

Postcards:Eglinton West at Night

Technical Notes:
Film: Adox Silvermax 100 (EI100)
Camera: Nikon F4S / Nikkor 35mm 2.8 AI
Processing: Adox Silvermax Developer / Epson V600 / Epson Scan 2

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