Paris, Ontario on Film

Paris, the other one, is one of those picturesque Ontario towns that is relatively unknown to most. Grand river, with its old mill runs, buildings built right on the river cliffs and tall railroad bridge keep inspiring many returns to this quiet and beautiful place. From pre-dawn humidity of a Summer morning to inhumane cold of darkest time of Winter, Paris and Grand river present rich phtographic opportunities.

A recent trip to Paris with film camera has produced some very intersting initial results. Recently went through a comprehensive and somewhat costly film test and that helped settle on Kodak Ektar for colour photography and Ilford Delta for black and white.

The reasoning for film in digital age – perhaps it is a hipster impulse, but I would like to believe it has more to do with film’s ability to render certain images in a profoundly different fashion. The Paris film test has proven this.

Kodak Ektar has a very distinct way of rendering colour. While it gets tricky once underexposed, the range of options in (digital) darkroom are much different from a typical image feel one can extract from Nikon or Olympus sensor. Similar evaluation comes out of long exposures from Ilford Delta. Contrast from a longer exposure has much more depth, and this out of the camera, than one can accomplish with digital, even after comprehensive post processing.

So, will continue to use film, these two types in particular, in parallel to digital. And yes, will keep coming back to Paris, Ontario…

Paris Ontario, August 2015
Paris Ontario, August 2015


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