Long Exposure – Part II

Spent more time working through long exposure photographs this past weekend. I find long exposure unusually rewarding way to create a visual interpretation of a space. A view different from what our eyes see in that quick split second, long exposure photographs offers more reflection, which is why I like it.

While getting the right level of smooth and silky tones may be tricky, the big reward is that long exposure almost eliminates the natural clutter and dirt so prevalent in vibrant creeks in urban environments. In a way, long exposure helps create an alternative, somewhat more clean and serene, unpolluted record of our urban and industrial streams.

To set the mood, pre visualizing the lines and streaks is the key. Adding some experimentation with varied exposure times and focus points, always aiming for that hype focal distance and aperture of at least f/11 will yield very interesting results.

Grand River, Paris ON Aug 8th, 2015
Grand River, Paris ON Aug 8th, 2015

For now, digital images, films with first serious attempts are going in for processing this week, so review and evaluation of film-based long exposures to follow in next week’s post. The working theory is that long exposure is more efficient with film – can squeeze more exposures in the same amount of time given the delay on digital detector post-exposure processing, but we will see if results stack up and how.

The long exposure work continues, it is a long game…

Until next post.

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