Humber Rapids

At that time, right after the last of the snow has disappeared and before the nature awakens, is the opportunity to get really close to the water. On a muddy and cloudy morning, the rushing water is the start. This ultimate point of interest, pure force of the new season, is uninhibited by colour, vegetation or any other distractions.

Humber River in early Spring, pure unfiltered power and force of the water. Fast moving water, as if to announce the arrival of this long awaited Spring.

This is a bit messy and muddy, but the view of the rushing spring water is unobstructed. Time to take a bit of a different, more muddy perspective on this river. Slow down the shutter, minimize the aperture, squint as it were, and see how it all looks then.

Humber Rapids, April 2019

Medium: Ilford HP5Plus (120 format)
Gear: Diana F+

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