High Serenity

1/8 - f/22 - ISO200

High Park in Toronto is one of those places that never gets old in photographic sense. With its many paths, trails and corners, this great park has many faces and never disappoints when it comes to creating photographic opportunities. Most of the park is untouched native forest, with a few manicured sports fields for tennis, soccer and baseball, and Hillside Gardens, a more formally arranged botanical section.

At the very top of the Hillside Gardens sits a fountain with a clear westerly view, ideal for late afternoons and dramatic sunsets. During Spring and Summer, when the fountain is running, it makes for spectacular sights, especially on those cloudy and stormy Summer days when one could see anything from a torrential downpour to high drama clouds.

An August afternoon, coming back from a bike ride, could not resist but to stop and capture this, ideal for a long exposure to get the silky streams of the fountain and contrast against the gathering skies. But, no tripod, no ND filter, but something in this view just begged me to stop, get off the bike and try capture this post-storm moment, a quiet and serene view of clearing skies in a solitude of a fountain garden. In reality, a rare opportunity to have  daytime Summer photo without people in the frame, as this is one of more popular hangouts for visitors. Thanks to the rain, though, the opportunity was there this day, so it was time to put Olympus Image Stabilization to work and try the best for a slow shutter. Perhaps closer to a snapshot than an art photograph, but still a moment in time worth capturing, sitting down and writing about.

Calm of clearing post-storm clouds, slow murmur of the fountain and distant hum of city traffic, moment of serenity to end a busy, stormy afternoon.

Technical Information:

  • Camera: Olympus PEN EP-5
  • Lens: M.Zuiko 17mm/2.8
  • Filters: n/a
  • Exposure
    • Shutter: 1/8 (with IS on)
    • Aperture: f/22
    • ISO: 200


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