High Park, Mid Winter ’19

Time to end the hibernation and get back to photography, perhaps with a more focussed approach this time. Over the past few months away from the web site it’s been busy with reviewing, editing and, oh yes, photographing a lot. The conclusion – nature, specifically Toronto’s regional nature, continues to be an inspiration. Photography is just a means for us less talented at the craft of drawing and painting to make an attempt at capturing how it all makes us feel.

Toronto’s High Park is an urban wonder. A massive tract of managed and natural forest in the middle of the city that is growing and getting busier by the day. Like so many other parks and ravines in the city, it is an oasis, a refuge from the madness of our daily grind. The park is never more peaceful than in the dead of winter, early to mid February.

Snow and ice hush nature down. Even nearby traffic is barely audible. Walking through the ice and snow covered forest trails is an experience in solitude and meditation unlike any other. Slowly, one encounters signs of life and activity. First, the sound of water running under the layers of ice, then ducks, birds with seemingly endless energy and curiosity.

Trees are still and foreboding. Statuesque in their snowy outline, they form a gallery of sculptures only accessible, only seen in this season, during mid-winter hibernation.

High Park Winter '19

Tech notes:
Medium: Fomapan 100 35mm Film, Scanned with Epson V600 Scanner
Gear: Nikon F4S with 35mm Nikkor 2.8 AI Lens.
Date: February 2019

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