Fall’s Gold

Surprising as it may be counter-intuitive, an old railroad line that served brickworks, grain processors and farms is now one of more scenic and relatively unknown nature trails. Former commercial artery north of Toronto, Caledon Trailway opens rather scenic views along all of its 32km length. To me, the most interesting scenes are intimate nature views, trees along the former railbed in particular.

Trail’s generally East-West alingment guarantees really nice side light in the mornings and afternoons, gently outlining tree trunks and adding somewhat painterly and pastel tone to the leaves. On a hike, few weekends ago, happened on such a view along the trail, just west of the Albion Hills Conservation area, another jewel in region’s nature crown.

This row of birch trees keeps attracting me, have not quite figured out why yet, but definitely there is something in the way this tree looks that builds that melancholy over Summer that has passed and a Winter that is inevitable and around the corner.

This time, hand-held shot with Nikon D7000, Sigma 35mm/1.4 with Hoya C-POL filter; 1/125s at f/8 and ISO400. Post and JPEG conversion in Adobe Lightroom CC.

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