Ektar Love on Cape Fear

Kodak Ektar 100 is my go to colour photography film – and this choice finally got a good challenge on the banks of Cape Fear. ┬áThe sun was there, as there were clouds, a great recipe to make Ektar shine with deep rich colours.

A fantastic Cape Fear sunrise, a slow Friday morning with little wind, a bit of cloud and a beautiful deep blue and red dawn, sun rising over the estuary. Testing longer exposures with Ektar, managed to get a few frames that make this medium truly shine.

Deep indigo blues, vivid reds and yellows are coming straight out of scanner with very little post work in Lightroom are far superior to what a digital sensor can produce. While there is no doubt that a bit of time spent in Lightroom/Photoshop and other tools will get this feel, or close to it, it is simply stunning to see the result “out of camera” with Ektar. And I still think this is unparalleled outcome to anything that can be produced with digital, Lr/Ps and all.

Film difference really seems to come down to a narrower exposure range than digital, but analogue exposure definitely gives a very different, deeper, tonal range for both colour and black and white photography. So, less light more colour with film?

Ektar really impressed me – got the just right punch of colour out of morning trip to Southport, NC – made that beautiful morning permanent, just before clouds moved in and it rained for the rest of the day. It is a go to colour film.


Southport, NC, September 2015
Southport, NC, September 2015

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