Dynamic Stillness

When I seek rapids, my attention typically turns to natural cascades and flow control barriers. In winter, however, ice changes that a bit. The water creates new flow as it struggles to break free from the firm cold surface.

Why is this interesting?

Water picks its way around ice, creating and expanding cracks. It forms a changing abstract scene. Perhaps I am fixated by the contrast between cool stillness of ice and bursting energy of rushing water. Perhaps it’s simply a matter of difference between still whiteness of ice and dark movement of water. Whatever the case, it draws my attention and holds it for a few minutes.

We all find some symbolism in this semi-abstract landscape. This winter scene that is at one perfectly still and fully dynamic. Winter rapids, nothing else like it.

Dynamic Stillness - Magwood Park, Humber River

Tech notes:
Medium: Ilford FP4 Plus film (120 format)
Gear: Mamiya 645 with Mamiya Sekor C 80mm 2.8 lens
Processing: Ilford ID-11 Developer 1:1 dillution, Epson V600 direct negative scan.

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