Colour Glory and Solitude

Bright, bold orange – this tree was showing off. A quiet corner on a sleepy Etobicoke stream in passing days of stunning Fall colours, a lone colourful tree rushing ahead of the pack to greet the winter and hibernate until the Spring arrives with it’s rushing waters and renewal of life.

All this from an orange tree and a reflection?

At a minimum, spending time along rivers and streams opens all kinds of contemplation. The tree contrasting it’s still green surroundings with the rush of bright orange gives reminder that at some levels we all go through glory, setbacks and renewal on our own, even when surrounded by family and friends.

Interesting reflection to close the series of photographs in and around Middle Road Bridge on Etobicoke Creek, a nice weekend outing in October and reflection on a moment on glory in solitude.

Tech Notes:

  • Camera: Nikon D7000
  • Lens: Sigma Art 35mm/1.4
  • Filters: Hoya C-POL
  • Exposure – n/a
  • Processing and JPEG Conversion: Adobe Lightroom CC

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