Cold, Smooth And Quiet

60s - f/11 - ISO100

Toronto skyline from the mouth of Humber river is likely the stereotypical view one could get of Toronto. It is a postcard shot, along with Polson Pier, CN Tower looking up and pedestrian bridge over Humber – likely some of the most photographed places in the city. At night, however, Humber Bay and Sunnyside beach provide something a bit different, a mirror of sorts.

Cold purples, greens, yellows and orange streaking into the lake while illuminating the cloud cover over the city, creating its own diffuser-like cover. Somehow, this works best in the cold pre-dawn hours of late Fall mornings. It all combines to create a different impression of the city.

Peacefulness, before wildlife and recreational trail users awaken, smooth natural mirror and city that is wrapping yet another restless night. Clearing darkness, brightening skies, last few quiet hours on the bay before the morning picks up, first the birds, then the joggers and cyclists. Calm before another day starts.

Technical Notes:

  • Camera: Nikon D7000
  • Lens: Nikkor 24mm/f2.8D
  • Filters:┬ánone
  • Exposure:
    • Shutter: 60s
    • Aperture: f/11
    • ISO: 100
  • Processed and converted to JPEG using Adobe Lightroom CC

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