Closed for the Season

15s - f/11 - ISO 100

Sunnyside Beach and Sunnyside Pavilion throws back to the glory days of western Toronto beaches as the Summer destination. The pavillion and the boardwalk passing in front of it are a picture of vibrance and activity in the Summer and cold solitude in off season. In a way, Sunnyside Pavilion may be the best stand-in for West Toronto Summer there is.

Beautifully restored, the building stands as both witness to the seasons past, but also as a architectural centrepiece to the beach. In early morning and throughout the winter, the pavilion assumes almost ghostly appearance, with white walls almost protruding out of darkness – a perfect opportunity for a black and white photo, black and white as a good counter-point to vibrance and colour of summer.

Closed for the season, clear idea and symbolism of this photo. Late Fall by the water, quiet and moody October morning, opportunity to pause and reflect on the Summer that has passed, think about go forward and, in my case, create an idea for a long term project.

More about this idea later, as it develops. For now, the beach is closed for the season.

Technical Notes

  • Camera: Nikon D7000
  • Lens: Nikkor 24mm/f2.8 D
  • Filters: Tiffen C-POL
  • Exposure
    • Shutter: 15s
    • Aperture: f/11
    • ISO: 100

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