Caledon Wallpaper

Growing up in a different century and on, what now seems like, a completely different planet, I often have random snippets and memories. One of these is visual flashback to the fad of photo wallpaper.

Don’t really know why, and I think those were particularly attractive design choice. Memory lingers, however. One of the most popular photographs was that of a birch forrest in the Fall, white tree trunks wrapped in a warm glow of yellow Autumn foilage. That last splash of shine before unforgiving frost arrives. Perhaps this lies behind my attraction to some of the birches along Caledon Trailway.

Sometimes, you take a photo with intent, emotional and artistic. Some other times you just feel compelled to set up and get that shutter going, postprocessing really turning into introspection. This photo, taken along Caledon Trailway a few weekends ago, falls into the latter category.

Walking along, not even a tripod handy, a quick shot of an afternoon light crossing the row of birch trees, and there it was, a wallpaper from a place long gone but clearly not forgotten.

Taken with Nikon D7000, Sigma 35mm/1.4, Hoya C-POL at 1/250s, f/8 and ISO400. Post processing, reflection and JPEG conversion in Adobe Lightroom CC.

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