Blue Green Front

15s - f/11 - ISO 100

The last of nature’s bravado and clash of colours before world turns duotone. The final push of lush greens, with just hints of yellow straw to reminds us of the season’s end, bathing in the soft, not at all cold, blue of the late Fall morning. How would one ever expect this from an October weekend. Perhaps one should, perhaps one should expect these things from a timeless Grenadier Pond in Toronto’s High Park.

At first sight a mundane view, but then aren’t they all at first sight? Calm and tension, green and blue meeting, silky slow water and the morning sky. Reflections delineating the aquatic world and the rich flora of it’s shore. Hard to glean at first, but with a bit of a longer exposition and extracting of the colour, a more powerful, confident tones emerge. The front between the blue and green – blue almost reminding green, I will still be here when you are asleep under snow. Blue goes on. Green retreats, but only to come back stronger and fiercer next year. Ever-blue vs. perennial green.

High Park, a lot to think on with this place. A lot on offer, just for the willing eyes and capable gear. This park is a natural gift that keeps on giving, replenishing and inspiring.

Technical Notes:

  • Camera: Nikon D7000
  • Lens: Nikkor 24mm/f2.8D
  • Filters: Tiffen C-POL, Hoya NDx64
  • Exposure:
    • Shutter: 15s
    • Aperture: f/11
    • ISO: 100
  • Processing and JPEG conversion: Adobe Lightroom CC

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