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Sunday Morning on St.Clair West

Sunday mornings are among the quietest times of the week. There is hardly any movement on the streets, only a glide of streetcars and tentative stumbles of the odd reveler finding their way home. Sunday morning stillness sets a stage for future adventures, celebrations and memories. St. Clair West, on a Sunday morning, is a perfect backdrop for the day ahead. Quiet and still, streetcars the only movement. A great time and ideal place to sit down for a coffee and wait for the sun to come up, start thinking about the day ahead.






Photographed on Film Ferrania P30 Alpha

July 2017 on St.Clair West in Toronto

Download PDF Edition Here: Balopticon12-StClairWest

Stockyard Shopping

The world around us truly mirrors our lives and habits.

Saturday morning this past April, I found myself sitting in an empty parking lot of a local box store, waiting for the doors to open, for a shopping ritual to start. Abandoned shopping carts, puddles and small garbage piles formed a perfect image of a tired and silly consumerist world. Old rental trucks, half-broken down carts, flat tires show a tired and done cliché. All this perhaps lays bare the ridiculous nature of our consumerist ways.

Who knows?

I did need to buy propane for my grill.


EpubVersion: BalopticonNo11-StockyardShopping-web


Earlier this Summer, a casual photo walk with Toronto Film Shooters spawned an idea. Walking and looking, definitely something I don’t do enough of.

Taking a closer look at doorways, I could not ignore the pull. Is it simply a symmetry or is it more mysterious? What are these – foreboding barriers or inviting gateways? Doorways and passageways can both divide and connect. The decision is ours, how do you see. Opportunity or challenge.

I feel a definite need to explore further, stop and look, look into it with more intent.

Tech Notes:

– Ilford HP5, EI200

– Olympus OM-1/Zuiko 50mm

– Developed in Perceptol 1+1 dillution





King West Nights

King Street West is one of those stretches of Toronto’s pavement that has its night and day nature. A bustling hive of commerce by day, this street turns into entertainment central at night. Summer nights and long lines of cabs jam the street, fun seeking crowds fill the sidewalks. The scene so different by night, only the streetcars remain to remind us it is the same King West we know by daylight.

King West – All business by day, all party by night

Photographed on Kodak Tri-X 400 film on King Street West in June 2017.

ePub VersionBalopticonNo10-KingWestNight





Spadina Avenue

Spadina Avenue is one of those streets that acts as a window into Toronto’s past. Drawing its name from the First Nations word ishpadina or high ground/ridge, this avenue connects the upscale neighbourhoods at its north end to the lakefront.

To me, this street is at its best on a quiet morning when the past reveals itself in bright sunlight and deep shadows. Steps away from the daily bustle, traces of the garment industry past and passing age of ethnic blocks slowly reveal themselves. These are the fading layers of the history, slowly retreating in the face of oncoming change and transformation. But for now, visible and obvious in the early morning light.

With today’s post, also sharing an electronic e-zine edition that can be downloaded here – Balopticon ePub No.9



Humber Valley Heritage Trail

Humber Valley Heritage Trail follows the river through rapidly changing rural landscape of Kleinburg and Bolton. Meandering among houses and along the river, the trail offers a unique view of the place we are accustomed to seeing from a speeding car. Early spring makes this a quiet place. River is just emerging from it’s icy sleep and the trail is empty, too cold for the masses still. This quiet transition makes for a wonderful scene, just underneath the surface of the town’s busy weekend.

Humber River, Bolton, March 2017


Humber River, Bolton, March 2017
Humber River, Bolton, March 2017
Humber River, Bolton, March 2017
Humber River, Bolton, March 2017

Photographed in March 2017, Bolton, Ontario

Ilford Delta 100 Film

Rockwood Thaw

As this winter winds down, ice gives way to water. In Rockwood, the rush of revival replaces the cold quiet. Rushing waters melt the ice cover. With some of the snow still on the ground, Sun warms the scene, signaling the arrival of warmer days. March in Rockwood, Spring is almost here.

Photographed in Rockwood on March 19th, 2017
Ilford Delta 100 using Mamiya 645 camera.

The Two Thompsons and a Spit

Leslie Street Spit is an urban wilderness park built on a construction landfill. This city’s historical growth yielded this transformation of the original swamp into a new and unique park. This place inspires anew with each visit and offers contemplative refuge. Changing colours in the stillness of a Winter morning bring together thoughts of two Thompsons. Tommy Thompson, a former parks commissioner that the park is named after, and Tom Thompson, an artist that was a founding influence for the modernist Group of Seven. Tommy helped create the new waterfront, bring about the new waterfront vision. Tom showed us a different view at the world around us. At Leslie Street Spit, the work of the two Thompsons fuses into new inspiration.

Sunrise at the spit, Leslie Spit, Toronto, February 2017
Sun and Ice, Leslie Spit, February 2017
Morning blast, Leslie Spit, Toronto, February 2017
Winter Morning, Leslie Spit, Toronto, February 2017
Winter Morning, Leslie Spit, Toronto, February 2017

Shot on Kodak Ektar 100 film using Mamiya 645 camera.

Niagara Falls – Cold Thunder

A few weekends ago, had an opportunity to get the famous falls all to myself, thanks to a bitter cold morning. A roll of Ilford Delta 400 and persistence against the cold, quite an experience. Niagara Falls, sounds and sight like no other. The big thunder and absolute majesty of the falls never gets old, despite of it all being made common by proximity. A cold late Winter morning and I have the falls all to myself. Unusual solitude of a typically crowded place makes this unique occasion. Nothing but the thunder cutting through the cold.

Skyloon Tower and Niagara Parkway, Niagara Falls, Ontario, March 2017


Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls, Ontario, March 2017
Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls, Ontario, March 2017
Rainbow Falls and Niagara Falls NY, from Niagara Falls, ON, March 2017
Niagara Falls, Ontario, March 2017


Photographed at Niagara Falls, Ontario, on March 4th, 2017.

Ilford Delta 400 E.I.400, Mamiya 645/Sekor C 45mm Lens – Developed in Kodak D-76. Scanned on Epson V600, Processed in Adobe Lightroom.