Humber Bay Sunrise, January 2016

The Photographer

My name is Toni Skokovic and I am a Toronto-based nature photography enthusiast. My interest in photography started in 2007 with railroad photography and quickly evolved into a way to document admiration for local nature. 

Artist’s Statement

To me, photography is a path to a different perspective on what is local and considered common. The natural world around us hides stunning scenery, we just need to stop and look. The beauty of local landscape is in its sense of place and history.

Hiding in plain sight, the local views both connect with our past and inspire our future. A delicate balance of the natural and manufactured is the fingerprint of our post-industrial landscape.  Nothing is untouched, unchanged. As we evolve, our surroundings chronicle this change. This sense of a place, from cautionary tales of our past to limitless potential for the future, is enshrined in the evolving scene around us.

Balanced between development and conservation, the natural world evolves into a new landscape out our doorstep. Our surroundings are the link between our past and future. I strive to capture the essence of this changing landscape.



Junction Rails Photography


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Nikon FE - Not the postcard camera

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