A Spring Morning

There is magic in a solitude of a Spring morning.

Fresh air carried by the breeze along the river, gentle mist and first rays of sunshine, they all conspire to create a great and optimistic mood. Early Spring may be the best time. Just before crowds overwhelm these parks and chase away the wildlife and just before the full growth of vegetation alters the landscape. Gentle light of the early Spring morning wraps everything in a magical glow, dew on the ground and solitude that is energizing and inspirational.

Home Smith Park sits just along West bank of Humber River, between Dundas and Bloor Streets. It is the stretch of the road connecting Old Dundas Street to Old Mill Road, an oasis of greenery that is accessible and busy stretch on late Spring and Summer afternoons, and with full justification.

As it truly is, a magical place.

Spring's Morning Light

Technical Notes:
Medium: Kodak Portra 400 film and Fuji Superia Xtra 400 film (135 format)
Gear: Nikon FM with Nikkor 35mm 2.8 and Nikkor 135mm 2.8 lens
Process: Unicolor C-41 chemistry, Epson V600 Negative Scan

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