2017 Reset

2016 is behind us. The year was both challenging and exciting, but mostly challenging. The beginning of the new year is a great occasion to reset the many things, including this blog and approach to photography.

In 2016, I had an abundance of ideas, as always, but very limited amount of time to realize them. The goal for this year is to realize and complete more projects than starting this year. Far from being another place from resolution, the reset for 2017 is all about taking a more focused approach on photography.

First, this blog will become the logbook for various photography outings. Once a week, quick share of images and ideas will go here, no matter what. Longer term projects and ideas will have their own pages, but the blog really needs to become the notebook for this new year, 2017.

No better way to start the year but with one of the first images of 2017. A beautiful New Years sunrise from Humber Bay, a very symbolic for the new start.


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